Safe Holidays

The municipality of Ramatuelle, its tourism professionals, its event organizers and its Tourism and Culture Office are doing everything possible to receive visitors in the best sanitary conditions.

List (in french) of all the vaccination and test centers in the Golfe de Saint-Tropez

National policies

Since August 9, the health pass is mandatory for anyone aged 18 or over:

  • in places of culture (cinema, theater, concert hall, museum, etc.)
  • in catering areas (cafes, restaurants, etc. inside and on the terrace)
  • during large gatherings (fairs and trade shows)
  • in public transport (trains, planes, coaches on long journeys)
  • in medical establishments (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes) except for emergencies.

Municipality of Ramatuelle

Since September 17, 2021, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory outside in the town.
However, it remains compulsory during gatherings (markets in particular) as well as inside offices, shops, restaurants (except in a seated position) and in public transport.

Tourism professionals

All the establishments in the municipality have implemented exceptional measures to avoid the risk of contamination.

Event organizers

In accordance with decree 2021 – 955, the Sanitary Pass is compulsory for guided tours, shows, exhibitions, etc. as soon as the tonnage is equal to or greater than 50 people, whether indoors or outdoors.

These include the Festival Jazz à Ramatuelle (16 to 20/08) and the DJ evening of 22/08 on the village square.

Tourist and Culture Office

The Tourist Office has made every effort to welcome you in the best possible sanitary conditions.
Information panels are placed at the reception entrance to remind visitors of the gauges, barrier gestures, distances and traffic rules to be observed within the Tourist Office.
Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance to the Tourist Office and plexyglass protective screens have been put in place.
Documentation is distributed on demand and all of our publications are also available online. Some documents are self-service on the principle of the “brochure touched = brochure taken away”.
Certain adjustments have been made to the reception area, in particular the elimination of the children’s area, and the removal of the furniture for you to sit on. Thank you for your understanding.

For everyone’s safety, wearing a mask is compulsory in our premises.

All the events of the Tourist Office are organized in accordance with health instructions. Wearing a mask is compulsory.

Since August 9, the health pass is compulsory to visit the municipal exhibition hall “Le Garage”.

Guided tours on foot in the village are subject to a maximum capacity of 20 people.

Covid-19 Practical information

Where can I get vaccinated? Centre de vaccination COVID 19 de Grimaud
We recommend that you use the application Tous Anti-Covid

Do not hesitate to contact us ; we will do our best to accompany you, guide you and support you in your search for information.

Document updated on Septembre 17, 2021